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Day 8, Tuesday July 22

Trip Information

See my general trip page for an overview of what this post is about.

Will it really come?”
— Morrissey, Tomorrow

Today was just a last ride on the train and tube to get to the airport.

My bag was full of things I bought, many I didn’t actually need, but there you go.  1400+ pictures taken.  I take multiples of the same scene as the auto-focus isn’t always right and I’m not sure which one will be “the shot.” This is a short and pretty dull post but I’m tired of writing and going through pictures for now.  I’ll come back and do a little revision of these posts but I’ve captured the highlights of my trip which was my goal.

I definitely can’t wait to come back.  There were certain things I had to accomplish on this trip in case I never made it back.  There are so many things to do in London that I still want to do.  I hope to return someday and see more.  Thanks for reading.

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