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Day 1, Tuesday July 15

Trip Information

See my general trip page for an overview of what this post is about.

“I’m so worried about the
Baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow”
— Monty Python, I’m so worried


I arrived after an 8 hour direct flight to London Heathrow. On approach I was able to see some of the places I was planning to see from the air.

Thankfully I had no trouble getting my baggage.

The Tube

To get to my home base in Harold Wood I needed to take two tube lines to national rail (like commuter rail to suburbs) and then a bus.  This was not hard once I got going.  Everything is labelled very well if you keep your eyes open.  I got my Oyster card at the airport tube station and I was off.  Traveling with two suitcases, small ones mind you, is not great fun on the tube so I was looking forward to subsequent trips without luggage.  All my tube tips are on my general trip page.  This was my practice run for tomorrow when I needed to get around London.

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