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The Green Line – “Then and Now”

Ever since the Green Line opened I have wanted to try to do a “Then and Now” showing the green line running right where the streetcars were 70 years ago.  I didn’t find much in the MNHS database but I found a few photos.  So I hopped on the green line and took a ride.  This time I took photos both with my “real” camera and with my iPhone just in case I liked some better than others.  I found doing that in London was a good idea.  I tried to get a picture with the green line in frame (if possible) too just further drive home my point.



Being intentional

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a work-related topic so it’s long overdue.  I’ve come to realize an important aspect of my leadership: know how you work as it will help you be more effective at work.  So what does that mean?


Through various leadership activities I’ve taken instruments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strengths Finder.  I found both of these useful for different reasons.  The MBTI gave me insight into my preferences when interacting with the world and from where I get energy.  Similarly, the Strengths Finder illuminated what activities energize me and motivate me and how that shapes me as a leader.  One thing that is key with both of these instruments is that they are not absolutes — they do not define what one can or cannot do.  They show preferences and people do things all the time that are not their preference.  For example, perhaps a great speaker is an introvert.  She enjoys preparing an elegant speech and delivering it with energy but afterwards the smalltalk with attendees leaves her exhausted, drained.  People can work outside of their preferences or strengths but it drains their batteries — working within your preferences or strengths recharges your batteries. (more…)

Day 1, Tuesday July 15

Trip Information

See my general trip page for an overview of what this post is about.

“I’m so worried about the
Baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow”
— Monty Python, I’m so worried


I arrived after an 8 hour direct flight to London Heathrow. On approach I was able to see some of the places I was planning to see from the air. (more…)

Day 2, Wednesday July 16

Trip Information

See my general trip page for an overview of what this post is about.

“It’s …”
— Monty Python

The day 2 plan was to see some of the central London sights – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The National Gallery, BBC Broadcasting House Tour (at 1:15PM), Piccadilly Circus, as well try to see Tower Bridge, the giant Dead Parrot, Tench Street on the way to the O2 for Monty Python tonight (doors open 6PM).  See map below. Not everything went as planned. (more…)

Day 3, Thursday July 17

Trip Information

See my general trip page for an overview of what this post is about.

“Oh Manchester, so much to answer for”
— The Smiths, Suffer Little Children

Today I was off to Manchester to see some sights at The Smiths and Morrissey Mecca.  I was catching an early train to get there by 11AM — it takes about 2 hours.  The train went upwards of 125 miles per hour. You can get anytime tickets or specific time tickets.  Anytime cost more as does traveling before 9:30AM (peak time).  I got an anytime off-peak for my return for flexibility.


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