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Exploring PCI-DSS

One of the enjoyable aspects of this blog is using it to gather and process topics I’m involved in at work.  On my front burner right now: PCI-DSS.  One of my colleagues has been working on this mostly and now I’m joining in.

What is it you ask?  I’m sure you’re dying to know.  It’s a set of requirements that anyone who processes credit cards must adhere to so that personal information and card information is protected.  It was started in 2001 by Visa and Mastercard, then called Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP).  It’s since expanded and became PCI-DSS and in 2010 PCI-DSS v 2.0 came out.  One result of PCI-DSS is that receipts only should be showing the last 4 digits of your card number.


I’m back.

Actually, the blog is back. I’ve moved it to my new hosted server. It was running on a linux box in my basement for the past 5 years. Time to retire that thing and move to a hosted option. It’s on the same site as my main domain name that I haven’t touched in years (hence the strange URL to some). Sorry about the funky characters in the old posts — the mysqldump must have done it. I’ll also have to go back and fix many of my picture links. I plan to re-activate this especially as I’m going to be at Frye in June. Seems like a good time to blog about my experience to help me remember it — much like Ireland!

We have spell check!

I just installed the WordPress spell check plugin from coldforged.org. This was the one feature I was missing from iBlog. Of course iBlog had the nice MacOS spell check as you type going for it. But this plugin uses aspell! Aspell is a buddy of mine as it’s the same speller that moodle uses. Hopefully this’ll mean the quality of my entries will improve.

Welcome to WordPress!

Welcome to version 2.0 of this site, now in WordPress. The formatting capabilties are far superior to iBlog — what I was using. Also, it has an integrated search and commenting capabilities. I’ll miss spellcheck. However, I can update this blog from any web browser, not just my work computer — iBlog is a program that runs on your Mac and you publish your blog to a web site. This one is a website.

My first entry

tap tap, is this thing on?

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