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Day 6, Sunday July 20

Trip Information

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“So I broke into the Palace
With a sponge and a rusty spanner
She said: “Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing”
I said: “that’s nothing – you should hear me play piano””
— The Smiths, The Queen Is Dead

Today was all about tourist sights in central London.

Museum of London

My first stop was the Museum of London which is all about London and the area.  I think this is not a big tourist draw so it wasn’t very busy.  It was a very nice museum that guided you through prehistoric times, Roman, Medieval and then modern London.  It had many great artifacts and some nice hands-on/interactive exhibits too.  The walk through mid-1800s London streets was very nicely done.

Buckingham Palace

No trip to London is complete with a stop by Buckingham Palace.  I took the tube to Green Park station and had a nice walk through Green Park.  Many people were out enjoying the park on a lovely afternoon.  It’s quite a beautiful park.  Approaching the palace you see Winged Victory in gold.  The gates to the palace are full of people getting their pictures taken or taking pictures of the guards.

Natural History Museum

Half the appeal for me of the Natural History Museum is the building – amazing.  The collections are extensive.  It’s mostly free but a few exhibits had an admission fee.  The dinosaur exhibit was pretty good but it had this strange culmination of an animatronic T-Rex that seems out of place.

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