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Day 5, Saturday July 19

Trip Information

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“Here is London, giddy of London
Is it home of the free
Or what?”
— Morrissey, Hairdresser On Fire

Today was a sprint through south and west London to see several Morrissey and Smiths sights. Here is my map again to refresh your memory.

The day started out drizzly (what a surprise) but later became more sunny.


My first stop was the Vauxhall area of London notable because of the title of Morrissey’s 5th solo album, Vauxhall and I.  The tavern is a common place to photograph so I grabbed a snap of it before continuing on.

Sloane Square

Next up was Sloane Square.  This area was mentioned in Morrissey’s song “Hairdresser on Fire.”  Judging by the people and shops this is a very wealthy area of London.  The square itself was pleasant.  I noticed several people in the square and in the area painting scenes.  And yes, there is a hairdresser still on the square.

“hair dresser on fire
all around Sloane Square”
— Morrissey, Hairdresser On Fire

32 Chester Square

A short walk from Sloane Square is 32 Chester Square which was featured prominently in the video for “Suedehead.”  These locations are really easy to find with a smartphone.  The sun had come out and it was a nice day for a walk.


A short walk across the Thames and I was at Battersea Park.  The area was mentioned in the song “You’re the One for Me Fatty” and shown in the video.

“All over Battersea
Some hope; and some despair”
— Morrissey, You’re The For Me, Fatty

34 Tite Street

And you can’t be walking around this area without stopping by the former residence of Oscar Wilde (Morrissey was a Wilde fan).

“Keats and Yeats are on your side
But you lose because Wilde is on mine”
— Morrissey, Cemetry Gates

Earl’s Court

Next up was a stop at Earl’s Court.  This area was name-dropped in “Piccadilly Palare” and I had heard there was a tardis in the area.  This would make tardis number three in London.  Hhhmmm.

“So why do you smile
when you thing about Earls Court?
but you cry when you think of all
the battles you’ve fought (and lost)?”
— Morrissey, Piccadilly Palare

BBC Television Centre

A short tube ride away is the BBC Television Centre which I saw so many times on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Rough Trade Records

A short tube ride away is 137 Blenheim Crescent. Rough Trade is the record label that put out the Smiths singles and albums was based on London.  This house held the offices when they signed The Smiths but moved a year later.

That wrapped up my day and it was time to head back to Harold Wood.  Tomorrow I’d take in some tourist sights around London.

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