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Day 4, Friday July 18

Trip Information

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Lingers ’round your fingers
Heave on – to Euston
Do you think you’ve made
The right decision this time?”
— The Smiths, London

It was back to London today after another walk through Manchester city centre on the way to Victoria Station. 

Euston Station

Euston station is also a destination for Morrissey/Smiths fans as it’s featured in the song “London.”

Euston station isn’t connected to convenient tube lines however Euston Square is just a block away and that is on convenient lines so plan accordingly.

The Who Shop

With the trip back from Manchester much of the day was gone so decided to do one more stop before heading back to Harold Wood.  I found The Who Shop online and saw they had a Dr Who museum so I thought I’d take a look.  It’s on the east side of London and a short walk from a tube stop.  You’ll find the area a much more diverse immigrant community than London’s core.

The shop has everything Who.  They have a tardis and dalek on display in main area. The museum is tucked in the back (3 pounds to enter) and you enter through a tardis door — it is much bigger on the inside.  They preferred to not have a lot of pictures posted online to keep the mystery so I’ve shared only a few here.  You can only use “real” cameras in there and not smartphones.  It is dimly lit so pictures don’t turn out very well.  There’s a lot of items small to large on display with information cards.

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