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Thursday, day 11

Well, here is the end.  Everyone feels like summer camp has ended.  The group really gelled after just a few days.  Many people thought the backnoise channel played a role in that.  I have to agree.  It was great having a whole second conversation going on.  Imagine if during a presentation you could hear the thoughts of other people in the audience, the questions thay had, their comments, the additional resources they know of — that’s what backnoise provided. The faculty made a wordle of the backnoise text

Wordle: Frye2009

Everyone is pretty exhausted — especially the ones that stayed up to midnight each night (I wasn’t one of those). But I’m still exhausted.

To sum up, here’s 3 types of things I want to take away

  • things to do
    • check on campus crisis plan
    • plan a user support retreat
      • include: Pink exercise, hedgehog concept, Terry Hartle view of higher ed
    • check on the cognitive cost of voice recorders, flip video, other things
    • IT advisory committee
    • get “Good to Great for Social Sector”
  • things to think about
    • managers (doing things right) vs leaders (doing the right things)
    • creative leadership model
    • current disruptive currents in IT
  • things to think differently about
    • life-work balance
    • looking at things as essential vs. strategic
    • cognitive cost of services
    • tracking projects in the department

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