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Day 14 – Heading home

We ate at a lot of interesting places in Dublin. There’s places on virtually every block. It’s amazing. Some notables were

  • Bewleys Cafe – excellent food and atmosphere
  • Cornucopia – good vegetarian food
  • that New York Italian place (not sure of the name) in Temple Bar – super food and atmosphere
  • Bad Ass Cafe – great food and atmosphere (Sinead O’Connor waitressed here apparently)
  • Le Med – I might be remembering the name wrong. It had a rather uptight atmosphere and OK food, but nothing too special.
  • Eddie Rocket’s Diner – We stopped on the last day. It’s a 50s-style diner chain. The food was OK, but just a little off to me. On my chicken sandwich I ordered swiss cheese and expected a slice but instead got finely shredded cheese.

We packed up and got a cab to the airport. The airport was crazy busy with queues everywhere! We somehow made it through and submitted our vat tax refunds (being not from the EU we can get the 20% or so tax back on purchases minus a fee, assuming the store gave us the forms). After going through customs and being asked over and over if anyone had even considered touching our bags we were boarded around 1 PM and were heading home. The total travel time is 14 hours but with the -6 hour time change we arrived home at about 10 PM CST. Back to reality….

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