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Innovations Conference presentation

I almost forgot to mention here that I presented at the first Innovations in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at the Liberal Arts Colleges. Originally it was to be Diane Pike and myself presenting but the Midwest Sociological Society Annual meeting was the same weekend and Diane was an organizer. So it was up to me!

I presented a brief (20 minute) summary of the paper we submitted to the conference. The paper is titled “Student Evaluation of Courses: Kicking and Screaming into the 21st Century.” It was progress update of the ongoing online course evaluation project. The second pilot is currently in process, closing April 29. It’s been a great project and I’ve learned a lot.

The progress we’ve made would not have been possible without the excellent programming work by Robert Bill. His python code has made the process possible without having to rush into buying a product. Assuming the new form is approved by the faculty, as well as the online delivery, it looks like Flashlight Online is our best bet. Being a nonprofit and an organization dedicated to teaching and learning — as well as a resource for best practices — makes it a good fit for us. No product will be perfect, but Flashlight has the right approach to the endeavor and makes a good partner.

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