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Educating the Net Generation is good!

So far I’ve made it through chapter 3 of Educating the Net Generation. I’m really loving it.
Here’s some representative quotes:

  • “they’ve never known life without the internet”
  • “they know more screen names than phone numbers”
  • they tend to have a nonlinear thought process
  • their differences include:
    ability to read visual images
    visual-spacial skills
    inductive discovery
    fast response time
  • “they are constantly connected and always on”
  • they thrive on social interaction
  • to them technology means new features, a cell phone is not technology but a cell phone with a new feature is technology
  • “instant messaging is not technology, it is an action”
  • “the software blends into the background”
  • they prefer face to face, not online interactions
  • they are able to move seamlessly between social modes with ease — physical and virtual
  • they thrive on first-person learning, experiential learning, constructivist learners
  • “they are visually literate and are more comfortable in an image-rich environment rather than a text only”
  • Power Point is there to “provide power to a particular point … not placing an entire course lesson on every slide”
  • they share some characteristics with their grandparents, both are tinkers but take different approaches
  • “they learn through social interaction”
  • they know how to do what they do with technology, however this does not imply a deep understanding of technology

Whew! It’s really great so far. Beyond people just writing about the Net Generation, there’s also articles by members of the Net Generation.

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