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M-learning and a reality check

Articles on m-learning are pushing the edge of what may happen. I wonder if digital immigrants can really predict what digital natives will do next? The comments in this article provide a reality check.

M-Learning 4 Generation Txt?,” as well as in other articles on m-learning, are trying to predict how young people will expand their learning to their mobile communication lifestyle. The comments in the article provide a good reality check that I need to see sometimes.

It is amazing to see practically every college student with a phone and on it between classes — who are they talking to? Why can’t they talk later? Guess I’m just too much of an immigrant. I lean towards the belief that even though they are consumers of the technology, they aren’t necessarily sophisticated users of it. Sure they can use email, IM, google, but can they recognize a fake/viral email? discern a web site with facts vs opinions? I’m not convinced they’ll be swarming any time soon.

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