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Road signs of Ireland

I really enjoyed the unique character of the road signs. Here’s a few examples from our video.

Most signs were in both English and Irish. In some areas they were just in Irish. This is a sign to a roundabout which is where several roads meet.

This doesn’t do the sign justice. But the sign that alerts you to children (like near a school) is a little disturbing. The children are in strange positions and their feet are turned upward. In general the pictures of people on signs are more animated or have more motion than the American equivalents.

The road worker looks to me to be dancing with his shovel. He must enjoy working on the roads. We also noticed A LOT of signs whenever work was being done. In one case, every several feet the signs were repeated.

Fall off road
In this one it looks like you’ll be falling to your doom if you go off the side of the road.

Ah, the simple danger sign. It could be anything so be prepared!

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